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Custom Trading Journal

The client, a leading foreign currency and commodity trading education platform, has pinned their future on growing vertically by providing additional trading tools for their existing subscribers. The first of those tools is an online trading journal application that tracks subscriber trading activity and allows them to advance their trading skills through the feedback provided within the application. The tools previously used were either manual (Google Sheets) or 3rd party competitor tools. By launching the trading journal web application, the client addresses an accessibility and convenience need of their existing clients while enhancing their own ability to attract new subscribers while retaining existing subscribers. In addition to that, they open a new revenue channel by cross-selling new subscribers to their existing training platform.

Trading Journal Example

Trading Journal Customer UI

Our Approach

Perform a market analysis to determine opportunities and challenges and align the new product vision with the organizational vision.
Collaborate with executives to learn about their business approach, goals, and narrow the product offering of the first release by zeroing in on the highest value features.
Conduct customer research to learn about their preferences and needs.
Wireframe and prototype extensively and gather prototype feedback from customers and the executives in order to create the UI/UX and, most importantly, an effective user journey within the application.
Design a scalable technical infrastructure that matches the organizational vision and goals for the application.

Key Solutions

  1. Create a user journey, road map, wire frames and prototypes to align the customer and development team understanding and expectations
  2. Design a modern UI/UX for an optimal end user experience with a focus on user dashboards, charts and intuitive ease of use
  3. Design and implement a modern secure architecture that allows scalability, portability and ease of use and customization by the client as well as future expansion to mobile application platforms
  4. Design and implement a subscriber model and related payment systems
  5. Implement an affiliate system, analytics and reporting tools
  6. Design and implement a standalone administration system that includes member management capability as well as reporting and a business intelligence dashboard
  7. Implement integration with Google Sheets and CSV upload to allow users an easy transition from manual trade tracking
  8. Provide ongoing support and maintenance as well as development of new features

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