New Enterprise

Enabling Rapid Growth

Allysian Sciences was an innovative and aggressive Canadian startup in 2015 that has since established itself in multiple international markets. These include USA, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore and India. The organizational vision, and the highly energetic founders driving aggressive growth, created the need for highly effective digital products to support customer and affiliate growth. These included a custom e-commerce system, 3rd party logistics (3PL) integration, warehouse management system (WMS), content management system (CMS), customer relationship management system (CRM) with affiliate specific capabilities and an affiliate management system, gamified mobile application, and a business intelligence system. Over a period of three years we worked closely with the Allysian team, vendors, affiliates and customers to deliver the tools they needed and enable the growth they envisioned in record time.

Administrator UI


Affiliate UI

Our Approach

Collaborate with key stakeholders to understand the organizational vision and design and align the product vision accordingly.
Develop product boards for the key digital products and develop highly agile road maps that created clarity of direction while being flexible as things changed quickly in a startup environment.
Develop on premise and remote teams and foster an agile culture focused on delivering high value at all times.
Develop market and customer requirements based on market and customer analysis.
Develop and prioritize products and features based on market and customer requirements with a continuous highest value, lowest effort prioritization focus with cost of delay taken into account.
Experiment and gather feedback quickly to rapidly evolve and improve internal and customer facing features.

Key Solutions

  1. Design and implement a highly modular enterprise level ERP solution that included e-commerce, CRM, CMS, affiliate management, API capable of supporting future features and products, internationalization and a number of other tools as the company grew
  2. Integrate with carriers such as UPS, FedEx and Canada Post to automate existing manual fulfillment processes
  3. Implement a warehouse management system that integrated with sales activity and allowed for real time inventory tracking in multiple locations
  4. Implement pickup, local delivery and carrier delivery fulfillment options in multiple locations and localize as needed
  5. Implement feature enabling rapid deployment of in-person fulfillment locations in markets such as India
  6. Design and implement a notification system that reduced work in progress for the support team as it eliminated most customer fulfillment related inquiries. System included email notifications, mobile notifications and in account status updates and drill down capability for unmatched transparency.
  7. Implement a customer support ticket system enabling tracking of customer and affiliate issues and enable follow up data analysis and actionable intelligence
  8. Implement a reporting system that gathered data from all of the various modules and delivered it to MS Business Intelligence for analysis and tracking
  9. Implement affiliate dashboards, activity tracking and commission payment systems including a custom multi-currency “e-wallet”
  10. Implement and train teams on a flag based feature system allowing for deep experimentation and testing with minimal technical developer involvement
  11. Integrate the ERP system with a gamified mobile application that greatly increased customer engagement
  12. Gamify customer and affiliate accounts (badges, recognition, achievements, promos etc.) and integrate with mobile application
  13. Develop a translation CMS and enable simpler internationalization of system as company grew while completing localization in markets such as Taiwan, Hong Kong, India and Singapore

The list goes on! Contact us to discover how you can leverage this experience for your growing business.