E-Commerce Evolution

Lida Furniture is all about quality founded on the principle that clients are family, and family deserves the best. The physical location in Montreal boasts a modern 55,000 square foot showroom exhibiting some of the highest quality furniture in the world. However, as consumers moved online, Lida’s online presence was severely limited and has negatively impacted their premium brand image. In order to compete online, and drive traffic to the store, the Lida management team understood a significant evolution in their online presence was required. The evolution started with a complete redesign of the Lida website combined with new digital marketing strategies to help re-introduce those familiar with the Lida brand to their evolved online presence while attracting new prospective customers.

Lida Furniture Website Example

Enhanced E-Commerce Website

E-Commerce Website Final Version

Our Approach

Perform a market analysis to determine opportunities and challenges and align company vision to the new e-commerce product vision and strategy.
Collaborate with management to spot key online growth opportunities and narrow the project scope and focus on improved customer service.
Conduct customer research to learn about their preferences and needs.
Gather management feedback about direction and decision making and align project direction using the feedback, market and customer analysis.

Key Solutions

  1. Transition to a new e-commerce platform
  2. Extensive customization of the e-commerce platform to match the client’s and their customer’s needs
  3. Implement real-time online customer chat application
  4. Integration with reporting system and implementation of an easy to use and flexible business intelligence dashboard (including P&L monitoring)
  5. Digital marketing plan implementation including SEO optimization, content development, new email communication system implementation and optimization, Facebook Ads implementation and testing and much more
  6. Provide ongoing support and maintenance

There’s much more! Contact us to discover how you can leverage this experience for your e-commerce business.

Customer Feedback

“Ved created a highly developed strategy and an e-commerce demonstration that surpassed our expectations and existing online presence by far and in record time. Blown away!”