E-Commerce Transformation

Level V Bakery was a small home business with exceptional consumable products (plant based cakes, pastries and more). Their vision was to open up a brick and mortar location and enhance it with an e-commerce store and local delivery options. The existing e-commerce solution was extremely limited and did not boost their brand image. If anything, it was detrimental to the quickly growing brand. Working with the hands on Founder we transformed the way Level V Bakery interacted with customers online while automating many of the current processes and vastly improving the customer shopping experience. We helped create and execute an e-commerce product strategy that was in line with the budget and strategic vision while also boosting the new physical location’s foot traffic and enabling multiple fulfillment options for their customers. The solution gave customers what they wanted—and boosted sales just as the brick and mortar store opened up. This helped greatly ease the cost burden of opening up a physical location while pleasing customers near and far with easy online ordering, customization and delivery options.

Level V Bakery Online Store Example

Re-imagined E-Commerce Website

Our Approach

Perform an internal gap analysis to determine where challenges lay and develop solutions bridging the gaps while aligning with the overall vision.
Collaborate with the founder to spot opportunities and improve customer experience based on historical feedback.
Conduct customer research to learn about their preferences and needs and then develop an effective user journey for the e-commerce store.
Experiment with viable solutions and gather feedback to improve the user journey and arrive at the most effective feature set and final e-commerce solution.

Key Solutions

  1. Implement a new e-commerce platform with a revised user journey, interface and numerous custom fulfillment options
  2. Customize the e-commerce platform to match customer needs (order scheduling, team task creation, custom notifications, accounting integration, analytics, lead capture etc.)
  3. Implement local delivery and pickup features as well as scheduling and custom real time task creation as orders are received
  4. Implement a customization feature allowing customers to specify many of the order details which were previously documented manually or had to be phoned in
  5. Integration with accounting system and 3rd party payment system
  6. Design and implementation of an automated custom order booking system saving the Level V team at least two hours each day
  7. Implementation of custom follow up emails reducing the need for manual interaction with customers (order status, pickup date, order completion, order pickup notification etc.)
  8. Provide ongoing support

There’s much more! Contact us to discover how you can leverage this experience for your e-commerce business.

Customer Feedback

“Ved helped us build and launch our new e-commerce site in record time and truly made the impossible possible. The process was incredibly quick and automated many time consuming processes.”