New Market Entrance

QiHair was a new venture in the fast paced and highly competitive personal care marketplace. The project was a blank slate and included everything from brand development and design to e-commerce solution implementation, ERP and integration with 3PL services. Working with the owners we created a modern user experience online while implementing a simplified ERP system and social media driven digital marketing strategy.

Website Design

Our Approach

Perform a market analysis to determine opportunities and challenges and align company vision to the new e-commerce product vision and strategy.
Collaborate with distribution partners to ensure the best customer order fulfillment experience.
Conduct customer research to learn about their preferences and needs.
Gather management feedback about direction and decision making and align project direction using the feedback, market and customer analysis.

Key Solutions

  1. Implement an e-commerce solution and a modern user interface
  2. Customized the e-commerce platform to match customer needs including implementing A/B testing, integration with third party logistics provider and enhanced customer notifications
  3. Design and implement a digital marketing plan including landing pages, SEO optimization, content development, new email communication system implementation and optimization, Facebook Ads implementation, testing and much more
  4. Amazon Seller Pro account implementation and optimization
  5. Amazon Marketplace marketing plan implementation and optimization

There’s much more! Contact us to discover how you can leverage this experience for your e-commerce business.