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A respected functional clothing brand with thousands of SKUs in a highly specialized niche market had achieved rapid growth over the course of a few years. With that growth came the need to automate and improve ordering and fulfillment processes that, until then, were manually done. Te manual processes were letting things fall “between the cracks” and were now negatively affecting the customer experience – in addition to the team’s morale. Some of the business customers had six figure purchase orders in place and they were at risk of being cancelled, while others were cancelled. The company lacked an overall transformation strategy but understood the urgent need for change as customers demanded improvements to the company’s fulfillment processes. After working with IS Inc. owner, Ved Nikolić, the company implemented a new e-commerce platform that greatly improved its fulfillment strategies while allowing for in house customization and vastly improving the customer experience and relationships. This resulted in greater retention, continued growth and a leading position and excellent brand perception in the niche market the company functions in.

Magento E-Commerce Solution Implemented

To successfully transform their IT to become a strategic asset, the brand needed to address its:

  • Complex, inflexible and costly legacy systems and manual processes that was constraining customer service, agility and responsiveness
  • Limited view of e-commerce strategy and related investment
  • Historical mindset of preferring in-house control to third party solutions

Our Approach

Perform an internal capability and capacity analysis and determine a suitable e-commerce solution.
Perform a market analysis to determine opportunities and challenges and align company vision to the new e-commerce product vision and strategy.
Collaborate with distribution partners to ensure the best customer order fulfillment experience.
Conduct customer research to learn about their preferences and needs.
Gather management feedback about direction and decision making and align project direction using the feedback, market and customer analysis.

Key Solutions

  1. Implement new e-commerce solution and customize for customer’s needs (1000’s of SKUs, B2B and direct to consumer capabilities, automated fulfillment and ERP integration for inventory tracking and financial reporting)
  2. Integration with third party logistics providers, enhanced customer notifications and shipment status updates
  3. Integration with sales and marketing preferred CRM system and enhanced visibility of customer order activity and fulfillment status
  4. Create custom B2B features including a self quoting and pro-forma invoice creation capability for high volume orders eliminating the need for a team member to manually create quotes
  5. Create customer driven shipment scheduling and confirmation for LTL and container load orders as well as a back order review and notification system
  6. Train team about the new systems and processes to enable an effective and efficient transition

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