Blockchain Startup

Innovation in a competitive market

The international client required a modern, highly secure and fully scalable blockchain trading platform designed for mass mainstream adoption. Following an initial market and customer analysis a set of features was designed that would differentiate the product while fitting within the client’s vision and budget. Three anchor features were innovative leaps and challenged the development team. However, the team rose to the challenge and the final feature releases created a highly unique value proposition that generated interest and helped the client grow their user base and strengthen their market position.

Customer Trading UI

Our Approach

Collaborate with founders to understand the organizational vision and design and align the product vision accordingly.
Develop market and customer requirements based on market and customer analysis.
Develop and prioritize products and features based on market and customer requirements.
Develop a road map to help keep stakeholders updated while providing team clarity of direction.
Recruit development team and foster an agile culture focused on delivering high value at all times.

Key Solutions

  1. Implement a highly secure customer management system capable of supporting future features, internationalization and white label capabilities
  2. Design and implement a secure customer trading area with multiple security features including 2FA, IP address limiting, security questions, and text/email login and transaction confirmations
  3. Implement two proprietary security technologies including a highly innovative no “hot” wallets feature
  4. Implement a custom matching engine for trading at least 14 assets at launch while being capable of handling hundreds of assets in the future
  5. Implement a feature enabling a wide array of order types available at launch: Limit, Market, Stop Limit, One-Cancels-the-Other, One-Triggers-the-Other, One-Triggers-One-Cancels-the-Other
  6. Implement a feature allowing order types to be controlled by time frames: Immediate, Cancelled, Good Until Cancelled, Good Until Date
  7. Design and implement a notification system that reduces support team work load. System included email notifications, mobile notifications and in account status updates and drill down capability.
  8. Implement a customer support ticket system enabling tracking of customer issues and enable follow up data analysis and actionable intelligence
  9. Gamify customer accounts (badges, recognition, achievements etc.)
  10. Develop a translation CMS and enable simpler internationalization of system as company grew

The list goes on! Contact us to discover how you can leverage this experience for your blockchain venture.